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SmartClick media ensures that your superyacht is above the market thanks to innovative highly targeted and high impact superyacht marketing. Achieving a successful sale requires nothing but the best marketing tools available and our expert team will ensure your yacht has access to the utmost strategies and campaigns.



To continuously create social media contents with high quality photography, SmartClick media partners with some of the best yacht photographers, as well as local photographers. Our in-house photographers can also cover events or pop-up campaigns for SmartClick media. The photographers on our team can also teach your crew how to take authentic photos to catch the attention of prospective clients.


The appeal of a private charter has never been greater than it is now. SmartClick media knows how to interpret your wants and needs. Our team helps plan the perfect itinerary for your group once we match your requirements with an ideal yacht. We provide you with access to the world’s finest destinations, whether you prefer adrenaline-fueled adventures, local explorations, or sipping sundowners in secluded bays.


An online tour allows prospective buyers to get a feel for your superyacht in a digital era and when they might not have a lot of time to devote to viewing your yacht. As a result, we can limit the number of onboard tours to truly interested buyers, relieving the crew of pressure.



As part of its social media strategy, SmartClick Media is focusing heavily on Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok. Having now reached over 50k Tik Tok profiles and receiving about 10% engagement on our posts, our social media presence is the fast growing organically. Your superyacht will not only be heavily featured on our social media, but we can create dedicated sponsored campaigns just for you. Having our LinkedIn profile followed by those who matter in the industry, we ensure that your yacht is promoted directly to brokers and owners representatives, through business-oriented campaigns.
Our partnerships with influencers allow us to reach a large audience and introduce your yacht to the widest possible audience.


By leveraging Search Engine Optimization, we can ensure that your yacht is presented to those searching in the best way possible. The digital branding of your superyacht is becoming increasingly important because awareness isn’t enough. As digital brochures, our websites for superyachts include complete specifications, videos, virtual tours, as well as high resolution photography, increasing the first impression of your yacht for both brokers and potential buyers.


Thanks to years of experience and excellent relationships, SmartClick media has access to the email addresses of thousands of potential buyers and charterers. Targeted by interests and intents, our mailing campaigns receive a high opening rate and click through rate guaranteeing that your boat coming on the market or any marketing updates doesn’t go unnoticed by the yachtsmen that matters.



A core part of our marketing strategy is introducing yachts to qualified prospects quite quickly at yacht shows. Yachts can be displayed in person at high profile yachting events in established and new markets to discerning yachtsmen. Every year we attend shows across the country, such as CBS (Croatia Boat Show).


Along with the traditional yacht show, we also attend and even host luxury events in exclusive locations to introduce superyachts to potential buyers, in partnership with luxury brands. To create such events, SmartClick media collaborates with a wide range of luxury partners within the aviation and supercar industries.

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